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Stop Motion Animator - Nicopò

     Taranto (Italy)      -     only EU citizen

If you're looking for a new adventure in the sea of the creativity, Nasse Animation Studio is what you need!

Based in Taranto (Italy) our studio is producing the first 100% ecological animated series, Nicopò, a new pre-school series that will change the world.


We just want to tell new stories that we feel artstic and sensible to the new generations.




Job Summary:


○ We are seeking a Stop Motion Animator to support our new preschool animated series called “Nicopò"


○ The Animator will bring the story and episodes to life by animating characters and props. Through research, exploration, conversations and collaboration, the Animator will work with the creative leads to provide solid character acting, lip syncing, and appealing animation.  We are seeking artists with both unique and technical styling and skills that will bring our projects to life.



What you'll do:


○ Animate puppet characters


○ Work off of supplied key poses


○ Solid character acting and good lip sync skills necessary


○ The animation will require snappy timing and efficient but appealing animation


○ Collaborate with grace, humility, inclusion, and open-mindedness




○ Must be able to work with DragonFrame


○ Ability to manage the production schedule and resources.


○ Must demonstrate proficiency in style of show.


○ Strong staging and composition skills.


○ Strong drawing and mechanical skills.


○ Knowledge of or willingness to learn applicable design software and hardware.


○ Good verbal and written communication skills.


○ Strong time-management skills.


○ 1-3 years of experience as stop motion animator or 2d animator.



Please, send your portfolio/reel and resume/CV here:  Jobs@nasseanimationstudio.com