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In a small island of southern, there is the city of the two seas, Taranto. Well, Nasse Animation Studio was born there. The explorer Nicola Sammarco, founder and director of the studio, sailed the seven seas before returning home with oriental treasures and spices. Nasse Animation Studio is the first aniimation studio in Taranto, who is producing the first 100% ecological animated series, Nicopò!





Nicola Sammarco, animation director, storyboard artist and cartoonist. Start his career directly with Disney Company Italy, as layout artist for comics, he did the layouts for the graphic novel by Finding Dory by Pixar, published by Panini Editore. He took part in the production of Universal's last "Grinch", as a story artist,  for Netflix (The SPA Studios) for Klaus and recently collaborated as assistant director of some new animated short films for Funko animation studios. Last collaboration including storyboards for Aardman studios, Google and "The Inventor" feature film by Jim Capobianco. Currently he's working as story artist for Skydance Los Angeles and as director for his feature film "L'Atleta" and on his animated series "Nicopò". He founded NASSE ANIMATION STUDIO, and Animatà Academy the first animation school in Puglia, Italy.

Paolo Rusciano, Co-founder and Executive producer. Scout since the age of 8, at the end of the 90s it was
entrepreneur in the advertising sector. Since 2001 he has been an officer of the
Italian confederation companies, professional activities and self-employment by supporting the activities of Taranto. He was among the supporters of the fundraiser called

“Je esche pacce pe te ”supported by

the host of“ Le Iene ”Nadia Toffa and who has allowed the city of Taranto to equip itself with the first department of
pediatric oncology.

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