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Visual Development Artist - Nicopò

     Remote  -  (or in house in Taranto, Italy, only EU citizen)

If you're looking for a new adventure in the sea of the creativity, Nasse Animation Studio is what you need!

Based in Taranto (Italy) our studio is producing the first 100% ecological animated series, Nicopò, a new pre-school series that will change the world.


We just want to tell new stories that we feel artstic and sensible to the new generations.




Job Summary:


○ We are seeking a Visual Development Artist to offer us a visual style for the new stop motion preschool animated serie called “Nicopò"


○ An artist able to create a new artistic vision to help the Director to find the right way for the show.


○ An artist responsible for creating the mood, tone, and color palette of the myriad imaginary worlds created through film, photo, and video gaming.


What you'll do:


○ Perform project updates, revisions, and maintenance as required


○ Explore characters and locations


○ Be able to work digitally with such software as Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint, etc.


○ Share and develop ideas about locations and props


○ Collaborate with grace, humility, inclusion, and open-mindedness


○ Work closely with the Director and Art Director on all aspects of the episodic look and mood


○ Ability to work under a tight timeline and deliver quality work


○ Ability to align with style and sensibility of show


○ Develop the visual language for the production, including character refinement and look development of the world.


○ Be able to take direction and use constructive feedback to make changes to your work








○ 1-3 years of experience as visual development artist or concept artist.


○ Ability to manage the production schedule and resources.


○ Must demonstrate work under pressure directing the team


○ Strong communication/listening, interpersonal, and organizational skills.


○ Outstanding portfolio that exhibits personal and project artistic accomplishments.


○ Self-managing and able to identify and meet deadlines and goals.


○ have a strong and wide-ranging interest in animation and live-action film and TV, understand the medium for which you are producing artwork and the way in which your work will be used


○ Have a strong background in traditional art skills and demonstrate an understanding of fundamentals like three-dimensional space, composition, perspective, proportion, scale, value and color theory.


○ Be an expert in Photoshop is a plus.





Please, send your portfolio/reel and resume/CV here: