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Visual Development Artist - Unannouced project

     Remote work

If you're looking for a new adventure in the sea of the creativity, Nasse Animation Studio is what you need!

Based in Taranto (Italy) our studio is producing new IPs


We just want to tell new stories that we feel artstic and sensible to the new generations.




Job Summary:


○ We are seeking a Visual Development Artist to offer us a visual style for the new stop motion preschool animated serie called “Nicopò"


○ An artist able to create a new artistic vision to help the Director to find the right way for the show.


○ An artist responsible for creating the mood, tone, and color palette of the myriad imaginary worlds created through film, photo, and video gaming.


What you'll do:


○ Perform project updates, revisions, and maintenance as required


○ Explore characters and locations


○ Be able to work digitally with such software as Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint, etc.


○ Share and develop ideas about locations and props


○ Collaborate with grace, humility, inclusion, and open-mindedness


○ Work closely with the Director and Art Director on all aspects of the episodic look and mood


○ Ability to work under a tight timeline and deliver quality work


○ Ability to align with style and sensibility of show


○ Develop the visual language for the production, including character refinement and look development of the world.


○ Be able to take direction and use constructive feedback to make changes to your work








○ 1-3 years of experience as visual development artist or concept artist.


○ Ability to manage the production schedule and resources.


○ Must demonstrate work under pressure directing the team


○ Strong communication/listening, interpersonal, and organizational skills.


○ Outstanding portfolio that exhibits personal and project artistic accomplishments.


○ Self-managing and able to identify and meet deadlines and goals.


○ have a strong and wide-ranging interest in animation and live-action film and TV, understand the medium for which you are producing artwork and the way in which your work will be used


○ Have a strong background in traditional art skills and demonstrate an understanding of fundamentals like three-dimensional space, composition, perspective, proportion, scale, value and color theory.


○ Be an expert in Photoshop is a plus.





Please, send your portfolio/reel and resume/CV here: