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Producer - Nicopò

     Remote position ( freelancer worldwide or in house in Taranto, Italy)

If you're looking for a new adventure in the sea of the creativity, Nasse Animation Studio is what you need!

Based in Taranto (Italy) our studio is producing the first 100% ecological animated series, Nicopò, a new pre-school series that will change the world.


We just want to tell new stories that we feel artistic and sensible to the new generations.




Job Summary:


○ The Producer is responsible for supporting the creative intent of the series, leading the production, and ensuring successful delivery of the episodes and ancillary content to the Network and Company.


○ This is an executive level role with ownership and accountability for the series budget and schedule.


○ This role is the key driver in managing the contract and relationship with the animation partner studio. The Producer serves as a guide for the show’s creative vision and production goals.


○ This specific position will be responsible for producing an unannounced feature-quality 2D animated series. Experience with 2D animation, casting and voice records, and working with international animation studios is required.



What you'll do:


○ Partner with the Executive Producer, Directors, and other show leadership to define the creative and production goals of the show and lead the team to achieve those goals


○ Create the series overall schedule and long term production strategy to successfully achieve the show’s creative vision within budget


○ Oversee the complexity of the show. Understand asset counts, footage, character density, animation quotas, and other metrics, and how those factors impact the budget


○ Forecasts needs of departmental resources like casting and music.


○ Balance the competing pressures of creative complexity, budget, and schedule.




○ Extensive experience and knowledge of 2D animation pre-production, production and post-production methods


○ Ability to manage the production schedule and resources.


○ Must demonstrate work under pressure directing the team


○ An experimental, risk-taking mind-set: Must be open to thinking outside of traditional television formats and outside of the traditional linear television model.


○ Familiarity with animation software, hardware, databases and asset management systems


○ Strong time-management skills.


○ Wide industry knowledge of talent, process and various pipelines


○ A track record of delivering animated series on-time and on-budget


○ Work experience in a related field





Please, send your portfolio/reel and resume/CV here: